The Fabled Budgie Mega Swarm of Central Australia

The Fabled Budgerigar Mega-Swarm! from Peter carroll on Vimeo.

Budgie Swarm- Murmation
As the desert dries up after 3 years of unusually high rainfall, Massive swarms of Budgerigars are forming at waterholes and dams in remote areas around Central Australia.
After a tip off I put out the word that there are epic flocks of Budgies nth and sth of Alice Springs. Apparently BBC, Nat Geo and others are out filming.
2 weeks later fellow Alice Springs snapper Tim Hill received a new lead. I had a chance to chase it down and found the location that afternoon, but the birds eluded me.
Tim went at the crack of dawn with another local shooter Steve Pearce. They were successful and went out the next day as well returning with stories of the monster swarm and spectacular images .
This morning I finally got my chance and joined them for the event.
Arriving before sun-up we waited in the darkness.
As the sun rose, small flocks became visible on every horizon. I could hardly remain composed as the flocks began to join and grow, making hectic swoops toward the water. More and more arrived swelling the flock into a single enormous being.
Such a spectacular display unfolded before us I hardly new where to look. Despite the poor light we blazed away. I took regular breaks to suck in the scene and chatted to the German Nat Geo crew who were pretty peeved we’d found it as you can imagine. They’ve been there some weeks and must have some great footage.
The sound of the chirping and tweeting, combined with the rumble of wings as they performed an aerial ballet is something I’ll never forget.
Looking forward to following this Mega Swarm over the next week or two with my fellow budgie smugglers

Beautiful Soundtrack by BALMORHEA

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